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MYOS Founder

My name is Les Johnson and I am the founder of MYOS Rewards.

I’ve been in the Health and Wellness Industry for over 30 years and have lectured all over the world.

For many years now I’ve been helping fortune 500 companies develop natural products and launch there business programs internationally.

Now I’m on a mission to help 100’s of everyday Aussies earn $100K over the next 90 days with MYOS REWARDS.

So if you would like to earn an extra $1000 a day working from home without changing or affecting what you are currently doing now, Read the information below and let me help you achieve the life that you desire.

When You Join the MYOS Rewards Program you will receive you very own MYOS Rewards Store and Referral Link that you can share with can share with your friends and family. You can put it on your facebook, twitter and Instagram accounts. You can even put it on all your emails you send out.

And every time someone clicks on it and makes a purchase, You Get Paid, and if they join the program they will become part of your team.

You will also get paid from all the people you introduce to the M.Y.O.S. Rewards Program who purchase products. There is no minimum purchase or qualifying to do either. Once the transactions have been processed and approved, they will be deposited into your PayPal or Bank Account on the 15th of the following month. Happy days!

To Become A MYOS Rewards Member you need to:

Step 1: Join MYOS Rewards – Click on the link above and become a Member – It’s Free to Join, There’s No Renewal Fees and No Complicated Marketing System.

Step 2: Use the Products – Just swap out the products you’re already using: shampoo, skincare, perfumes, essential oils. We have over 200 products to choose from and when you make a purchase you are rewarded.

Step 3: Share the Products and the Program – with everyone you know – It’s that easy.

MYOS Rewards is the only rewards program that pays you when you make a purchase, Pays you when the people you introduce make a purchase and Pays you to build a business. It’s a win win for everyone.

Your Income Earning Potential Based on Everyone Purchasing Only $100 a Month

What Would Happen if You Were to Introduce 10 People Who Share the Products With 10 Others Who Do the Same – All Purchasing Only $100 a Month

LevelTeamSales of $100%CommissionsTotal
Introducewho spend $100
you  get 10%earningsamount


MYOS Rewards is the easiest program you can do and the most rewarding – It’s free to join and You Get 10% Cash Back every time you make a purchase, You Get 10% Cash Back every time someone you introduced makes a purchase and You Get 10% Cash Back when anyone in your Team Makes a Purchase. The More People You Introduce the More Income You Will Earn Each Month. It’s that easy.

Click on the link below, fill in your details and Click the Sign Up Button. Once we have approved your membership we will then set up your online store and assign you your Personal Referral Link and your ready to go. Next comes your welcome letter giving you access to our training site where you can learn all about the products and the business. We will teach you what you need to know and give you all the tools you will need to build a nice residual income.

It’s all waiting for you inside the members’ area – all you have to do is Join the Program and follow the road map we have set down for you. Copy, Paste and Post the content we give you and let the system do the rest. Click the Join Now Button.

join the MYOSTORE Business Opportunity and Get Paid to Work at Home

Click on the link above, and I'll show you how easy it is to Go from Zero to 100K in the Next 90 Days. See you on the inside.
Les Johnson
Founder of MYOS Rewards

At M.Y.O.S. Rewards we believe that success is the result of hard work, education and persistence.

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