Natural Australian Skincare

Best Natural Hand Made Australian Skincare LJOILS

Just as you care for your body with good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, you also need to take care of your skin.

A harsh climate, stress and other factors can leave our skin looking dull and lifeless, with damage to the surface layers of the skin being caused by exposure to the sun, wind and extreme temperature changes.

MYOS Skincare has developed a full range of natural skincare products specifically formulated to replenish and nourish the skin. Our philosophy is that healthy skin should be beautiful too. Using only the finest natural ingredients, MYOS Skincare Products are all hypo-allergenic and gentle on the most sensitive skin.

Experience the beautiful synergy between the pure essential oils in our new luxury skincare range enriched with vitamins and organic herbal extracts. This range will captivate your senses whilst it cleanses, nourishes, revives and repairs your hair and skin.


The way your skin responds to ageing is due, in part to your genetic make-up. But how you treat your skin has a huge impact on the visible signs of aging. Exposure to sunlight, environmental elements such as air pollution and toxins in your food, and your lifestyle (lack of sleep, stress, smoking and alcohol) all contribute to the visible signs of ageing developing well before their time. So it’s good to know that if you control these factors, you can make a real difference to your skin.


With a variety of non-surgical interventions available, it’s easy to assume there are enough quick fixes out there to beat skin ageing. However, the best way to achieve healthy skin is to start using natural and organically based skincare products from a young age. Skincare technology now provides safe and consistent solutions that deliver quick, effective and believable results.


The daily, onslaught by external aggressors on each cell in your body changes oxygen molecules into free radicals wreaking havoc in cells, damaging their wall and connective tissue. These faulty cells then copy themselves, carrying the damage in their blueprint and into their DNA.

Anti-oxidants or free-radical scavengers are the best defence against this. The most well-known antioxidants are vitamin C and E like beta-carotene, green tea, rooibos and grape seed extract.

They work in different ways, but essentially they attack free-radicals as they form, preventing them from doing serious damage in the body. Taking them orally (in your diet or via nutritional supplements) can also help to neutralise the by-products of oxidation in the body. Applying them on your skin (via skincare       products), also helps to protect the skin from environmental factors.