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MYOS Aussie Made Products

Made in Australia

The M.Y.O.S. Product Range is unique because it is made in Australia and is an Australian family owned company. We have some of the best manufacturing facilities right here in Australia. At M.Y.O.S. we always make it a priority to support Australian manufacturers and therefore local industry. All of our cartons and labels are made and printed in Australia. Our Posters, Health Remedies Guide and Product Brochures are all Printed in Australia. This helps to keep hundreds of our fellow Australians employed and as we grow, it will help to create hundreds of new jobs for Australians. Australian manufacturers and service providers need our support more than ever before.

Les says “I’m also proud to say, that all of my products are manufactured in Australia. I strongly believe that if we all choose to buy products that are manufactured in Australia, it will make our great country a nation that our children and grandchildren will be proud of for many years to come. Join me in supporting Australian manufacturing and keeping jobs in Australia.”



MYOS Product Guarentee

100% Money Back Guarantee

Les Johnson is so passionate about all his products and is proud to offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your M.Y.O.S. product, please read about our 100% Money Back Guarantee* in our Returns & Exchange Policy. The M.Y.O.S. Money Back Guarantee is available for all purchases within Australia* and for all International customers purchasing through the M.Y.O.S. Rewards Website. We also encourage you to get in touch to provide feedback or look at alternative solutions to your health requirements. We are here to assist however we can so get in touch.

*Please see Returns & Exchange Policy for full conditions.



MYOS Family Owned Business

Australian Family Owned Business

Established in July 1988, M.Y.O.S. Enterprises is a 100% Australian owned family business supplying complementary products (skincare, pain relief, essential oils, vitamin, mineral & herbal supplements) to everyday people throughout Australia.

Les is still heavily involved in the day-to-day operations of the business and is still as passionate as ever in educating Australian’s about the health benefits of natural living and the important role it plays in prevention, regaining and maintaining vibrant health (read more about Les’s Story).

Les says “I’m proud to have so many passionate Australian’s working with me at M.Y.O.S. Enterprises. My team is constantly looking at ways to develop new quality products and lifestyle programs that will help promote good health for all Australians. We invest thousands of hours on new product research and go to great lengths sourcing quality ingredients that go into our formulas. It’s because of their dedication, our high quality ingredients and our strict quality control that I stand behind my products with 100% Money Back Guarantee.”



MYOS Premium Products

Premium Formulas

The M.Y.O.S. Product Range contains over 400 quality products. The M.Y.O.S. team undertake significant research to develop the most effective formulas we can. We only use the very best quality raw material and herbal extracts from specialised suppliers who are experts in their fields.

I’m proud to tell you that all of the M.Y.O.S. Products are manufactured in Australia. I have always made it a priority to support Australian businesses. That means when you buy from us, you are supporting Australian businesses, keeping jobs in Australia while at the same time supporting your own health and well being.



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