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Join Australia's Best Rewards Program and Get Paid to Promote the Products You LoveWelcome to the M.Y.O.S. Rewards Program!

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Where You Get 10% Cashback Every Time You Shop
and You Get Paid to Promote the Products You Love.

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Greetings my name is Les Johnson and I am the Founder of the M.Y.O.S. Rewards Program.

For many years now I have been helping companies develop natural products, launch business programs and grow their businesses online.
I have been a clinical specialist for over 30 years and I have lectured all over Australia, New Zealand, the U K, Canada and America.
I specialise in Pain Management, Natural Medicine, Crystal and Energy Healing and run a successful Wellness Practice on the Gold Coast.
I have created and hand make  all of the Natural Products you see on the M.Y.O.S. Site.


But this opportunity is not about me!


It’s about an awesome program to help people get more out of life.


What is MYOS Rewards


MYOS Rewards is a program that was set up to help ordinary people get more out of life.



so what do you want out of life myos rewards

Good Health  –  More Wealth  –  Better Lifestyle



Good Health is all about the choices we make

 the Food we Eat  –  The Water we Drink  –  The Supplements we Take
 How our Bodies Function  –  whether we Smoke / Drink to much



More Wealth is all about the decisions we make

What Job or Skills we have and what we do with them
 How Hard we Work  –  How we Spend our Money  –  and the Assets we Collect
We could all do with a bit More Wealth



Better Lifestyle – We all want a Better Life

 We all want more money to do the things we want to do
 Buy that New Car  –  Travel More  –  The Kids Education  –  Our Own Home

All this is possible with the MYOS REWARDS PROGRAM



Its all about helping others myos rewards

So if we help enough people get what they want
then WE CAN GET everything in life we want



So how does MYOS Rewards WORK?

MYOS REWARDS people for using and sharing the products they love

So every time you make a Purchase you Get Rewarded
 and every time someone you introduce Purchases you Get Rewarded



Great Products myos rewards

MYOS has over 200 Products to choose from
from Skincare to Body Care  –  From Fine Oil Perfumes to
Pure Essential Oils and Blends  –  From Natural Pain Relief Products
to NourishME and the Oxygenate
Click Here to Check Out the Products



Best Cash Rewards Program MYOS Rewards

Every time you make a purchase you Get 10% of the purchase back in your Rewards Account
& Every time You introduce someone who makes a Purchase we give you 10% of theirs too



Want to be a M.Y.O.S. Rewards Member?

Simply Click on the Join Now Button Below and Become a Rewards Member

Costs You Nothing to Join  –  it’s free  –  Requires very little time and effort
There’s No Risk  –  There’s No Staff to worry about
No Products to Ship  –  and You Don’t Need any Skills
When you Join the M.Y.O.S. Rewards Program you will receive your very own Products Store which you can share with all your friends, family and work colleagues, you can put it on your Website, Facebook or Instagram pages and Email it to everyone you know.
Every time someone clicks on your store and purchases your products YOU Will GET PAID, and we take care of everything else. That’s it  –  No Product to Ship  –  We Do it All For You!
join the MYOSTORE Business Opportunity and Get Paid to Work at Home


Get Paid for the People You Introduce MYOS Rewards

You will also get paid from all the people you introduce to M.Y.O.S. Rewards.
Just share your Rewards Member Referral Link with them and their purchases will show up in your MYOS Rewards Account too.
There is no minimum purchase or qualifying to do either.
Once the transactions have been processed and approved, they will be deposited into your PayPal or Bank Account on the 15th of the following month. it’s that simple!


Get Started Today myos rewards
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Join M.Y.O.S. Rewards

Purchase the Products

Introduce Others

Step 1: Become a M.Y.O.S. Rewards Member – Join Here (no cost to join)
Step 2: Purchase the Products for Yourself and Get 10% Cash Back into Your Account.
Step 3: Introduce Others and when they purchase the products you will receive 10% of their purchase directly into your Rewards Account.





Your Income WIll Grow myos rewards

Your Income Will Grow Week after Week, Month after Month, Year after Year

(see graph below for details).


Level Team Sales of $100 % Commissions Total
You 1 1 100 10% $10 $10
2 5 500 10% $50 $50
3 25 2500 10% $250 $300
4 125 12500 10% $1250 $1550
5 625 62500 10% $6250 $7800
Total 780 78000 50% Monthly $7800.00


Within 7 – 12 month of introducing only 5 people who share the products with five others who did the same your income could be well over $7,000 each and every month.
What would happen if you introduced 10 people to M.Y.O.S. Rewards Program
What Would Your Income Be Like Then. DOUBLE even TRIPLE what it is now!



Learn how normal average everyday people just like YOU and ME are earning $5000* to $10,000* a month from the comfort of their own homes without changing or affecting what they are currently doing – M.Y.O.S. Rewards Program


This is an opportunity you don’t want to miss

  • Join Now and Receive 10% Off Every-time You Make a Purchase,
  • Become a Business Coach and Help Others Build a Business,
  • Earn Lucrative Overrides From Your Growing Business,
  • Receive 10% of Your Total Team up to 4 Levels Deep,
  • Promote and Use the Amazing Products for Yourself,
  • Promote Health and Share the Products with Others,
  • Have Fun and Help Others to Become Successful
  • Get Rewarded for Doing What You Love to Do,
  • Create Wealth and Enjoy Your New Lifestyle,


Become a M.Y.O.S. Rewards Member Today!

join the MYOSTORE Business Opportunity and Get Paid to Work at Home


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