The Best Natural Hand Sanitiser Ever!

The Best Natural Hand Sanitiser Ever OXYPRO-S hydrogen peroxide and sliver

An ecological alternative to chlorine has finally become affordable

Stabilised Hydrogen Peroxide with Silver has long been known by experts as the superior water treatment and sanitation option. This is due to its ability to destroy pathogens without leaving any toxic chemical residue.

When it comes to cleaning and water purity there is no longer a need to compromise on safety, taste, odour or affordability.

OXYPRO-S for Water Treatment

Combining nature’s own powerful antimicrobial elements H2O2 + silver to provide safe and effective water tank treatment.

OXYPRO-S3 for Cleaning

Guard against bacteria, fungus, yeast, mould  and viruses with a food-safe surface cleaner that leaves no chemical residue and doesn’t require any rinsing or wiping off.

What makes OXYPRO-S exceptional?

The highest-quality, food-grade H2O2 is stabilised and enhanced by silver ions. Both the H2O2 and the silver are renowned for their anti-microbial properties.When combined in OXYPRO-S’s scientifically proven proprietary formula, the resulting efficacy is genuinely exceptional.

OXYPRO-S harnesses the natural power of H2O2 to oxidise a broad spectrum of potential pathogens. The silver ions also destroy and prevent pathogens as well as synergistically enhancing OXYPRO-S’s safe yet powerful sanitising action.

OXYPRO-S is the Best Hand Sanitiser Ever

OXYPRO-S destroys a broad range pathogens including bacteria, mould and fungi, viruses, waterborne parasites and toxic algae.

Once pathogens are destroyed OXYPRO-S leaves no harmful chemical residue whatsoever. The H2O2 breaks down into harmless water and oxygen and a minute trace amount silver ions remain in the water helping to prevent pathogens from returning, keeping your hands and drinking water cleaner for longer.

OXYPRO-S is a powerful water treatment and hand sanitiser that is Eco-friendly, reliably effective, safe and completely non-toxic for you and your family.


  • Destroys bacteria, parasites, viruses, mold and fungi
  • Removes residual chlorine
  • Is tasteless and odourless and removes any tastes and smells from water
  • Maintains water freshness longer
  • Clears water by flocking out particles
  • Works faster than chlorine
  • Has no risk of harsh chemical burns
  • Has no dangerous off-gassing
  • Requires no electricity or equipment
  • Is effective over a wide range of pH and temperatures
  • Kills 99.9% of germs and viruses