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MYOS Mind Set


So You Want to Grow a Profitable Business? When you commit to this program, I’m not only going to teach you how to build an awesome 6 figure income, but we’re going to design a game plan that will bring in a residual income month after month, year after year. This is all about you taking action and you building an empire.

But before you get started, I want to make something perfectly clear, this will not be easy. While I can help you get the results faster, I can’t guarantee anything. Unlike those so-called “gurus” out there who promise you everything and give you nothing, I won’t insult your intelligence. Instead, I’m going to show you what it truly takes to earn real financial freedom. But you have to do the work otherwise nothing will happen.

Now Let’s Get To Work!


“A great empire, like a great cake, is most easily diminished at the edges.”

~Benjamin Franklin

An Empire is an Operating System:

What The Heck is An Empire?

Most people get images of antiquated kings and queens ruling empires from long ago with no reality whatsoever of how this can work and how it personally relates to them.

Even if they do get it – the concept of a king or queen is still often misunderstood. They think it simply means to have the whole world centred around them, having life made easy, and having all the benefits of the world at their disposal.

Quite the contrary, when you truly are a king or queen, it’s not just some title you have “declared” for yourself on facebook or Instagram because it sounds important or noteworthy.

You actually choose to wear the crown, because your responsibilities to the people has become more important than yourself. You will have to make tremendous sacrifices in order to grow your empire. A king or queen actually serve their people and aren’t afraid of hard work.

They understand that it is necessary to do whatever it takes for the greater good in the name of the empire.

An empire is the operating system, a way of living that sets your purpose, morals, goals and values at the highest possible level, so that everything else in your life, from your career to the way you raise your children, to the way you show up in your marriage, follows suit.

It’s based on the principle of self-governance and allows you to learn, grow and hold your ground in the best and worst of economic times.


Write your own key takeaways from this lesson :




A Way of Living That Sets Your Purpose:

Establishing, growing and defending my empire is how I have achieved my success thus far. It is the answer to all of those burning questions about how do we do it all.

I wish I could tell you it will be easy. I wish I could tell you it will happen overnight.

But let’s face it, unfortunately you have to put in the hard work and learning first, before that happens. Of course, building an empire doesn’t happen overnight, but learning some new skills and applying them will speed up the process and it will happen faster than if you were doing it on your own.


You are either building an empire or you are destroying one. This may be the most important thing to know about empire building. Whether you know it or not, with every decision that you make each and every day, you are either creating or destroying your empire.

You are either setting yourself up to win or you are holding yourself back. This applies to every decision that you make, from what you eat to the stupid fight you have with your partner. With every distraction that you partake in, you’ll add more time to your empires attainment.

An empire is the only thing that will ensure you and your loved ones can survive what ever the world throws at it. Your empire is your saving GRACE. Empires can withstand massive attacks, fight wars, endure floods and still it manages to flourish through it all. However, a “normal” empire-less life in a normal world with unexpected catastrophes will never survive, it will simply crumble to ash.


1. Write your own key takeaways from this lesson :




Envision Your Goals:

Your purpose is who you are to your core. It is the Holy Grail, also known as your “why”, and your reason for getting out of bed in the morning. For some of you, your spouse or kids might immediately spring to mind.

For others, you might think of your job, and what sort of role you play there. These are all important pieces of your empire, but your purpose has to be so much bigger, wider, taller, so that even if you were sick, injured or seriously questioning your commitment to continue, it would give you the type of inner strength needed to blow past any doubts, temptations or distractions.

When you connect with your purpose, you’ll find that it’s easier to discipline yourself to do the difficult things, to make the right choices when kicking back or watching TV, seems like a better option.

You know when you have a good solid purpose, if you have ever experienced, doing it tough for a while, but before you threw in the towel, that little voice of reason said, “Maybe you can keep going, even just for another hour.” That was your purpose and it gave you the strength to pull yourself together and put one foot in front of the other and get the job done.

Invisible Armor

Battles are inevitable and on the micro scale, they are our bad days. Whether it’s a stupid fight with a loved one or with a co-worker in a boardroom, they also include recessions, depressions, corporate devastation and all those things that make us feel like crap. While preparing for battle or whether you are engaged in a full-on assault, the one item you must “wear” no matter what the season, is your purpose. It serves as a type of armor and keeps your empire intact when everything else seems to be falling apart. This will also act as a guideline. You will be able to recognise when you need to back down from a silly argument that leads nowhere and forge ahead when it is needed.

You will start to recognise distractions as simply that, a distraction, and you will avoid falling into those pitfalls. You will soon get over your avid craving to be “right” all the time. You’ll learn to start acknowledging the situation for what it is, while continuing to move forward. FYI, when you can do this with a genuine smile, you have become a bonafide master.

When you are clear about who you are and where you want to go, putting your ego aside for the greatest good will become easier. You will be amazed how much free time you will have on your hands when you stop fighting ridiculous battles all in the name of trying to get someone to see your view point and agree that you are right.


1. Write your own key takeaways from this lesson :




Defining Your Purpose:

Don’t be average. Give yourself a challenge, go and create your dynasty. That is what you were born to do.

What is Your Purpose:

An Empire of One Hundred Thousand People – Just so you get an idea of just how big a purpose can be, I have a goal to reach and help one hundred thousand people achieve their goals of financial freedom. Is this target ridiculous and unattainable? Probably, but it’s just what we need to keep us motivated and occupied for the next few years! Who knows what we can achieve if we set our minds to it.

My own personal purpose is to help others have the reality and know how to create an empire of their own just like I am. This isn’t just for the select few. I’d love for  everyone to understand the value of a partnership working with me and my team, the workings of a great relationship — whether it be in business or in marriage. Couples need to be on the same page in order to build their empires. They can’t go to the office all day to build, only to come home and destroy it, and expect to amount to anything worthwhile.

Ideally, if I eliminate the learning curve for others and fast-track their success in life, then I have fulfilled my mission. I will have the gratification of knowing that “little ole me” actually made the world a better place, for having been in it.

This is the legacy I want to be known for. Helping people become better people.


You’ve got to prepare yourself for the inevitable bumps and bruises that lie ahead. Having a mindfulness or spirituality can be enormously helpful. For others, regular exercises can help align their body and their mind when it comes to building inner and outer strength.

It’s extremely important to set smaller, sub-targets for yourself that you can hit while paying the dues on the much bigger targets that don’t happen overnight.

I meditate and run a wellness clinic, not only because it gives me a sense of pride and confidence but it doubles as an achievable target that I can accomplish in the interim.

When you are feeling overwhelmed by how long things seem to take, what you need is a good win. Be sure to give yourself challenging but achievable targets so you feel a sense of success from these smaller wins that will motivate you while your dreams come to fruition.



1. Write your own key takeaways from this lesson :




Learning Objectives:


1. Write Down Your Learning Objectives From This Lesson :




2. Write Your Short and Long Term Goals :





3. What Actions Do You Need To Take :




MYOS - Pays it Forward

If I help you earn $1000 a day – would you help someone else?

Maybe you have a friend doing it tough and want to help them out. You could have them over for a home cooked meal, buy a hamper of food, buy a fuel voucher or maybe money to pay their rent. You could be anonymous or simply give them a GIFT!

It could be the homeless man a few streets up –  you could organise with a local Cafe to provide them with food for a week.

Perhaps you have a Charity you want to support.

Support your local business – think about supporting a local family business over a business that send it’s money offshore.

Whatever it is, remember – Pay it Forward – Because you will reap what you sow…

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